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Monday, January 19, 2015

Snapping Hip/Sleeping Foot Update

Snapping turtle what?  - Snapping Hip Syndrome is as good as it’s going to get for my tiny dancer.  She will for the rest of her dance life, struggle and fight with the annoyance and sometimes pain of her hip issues.  She has been cleared from Physical Therapy with a list of exercises/stretches to attend to in order to help alleviate the issue, but it is still an issue.  This brings me to my question of:  What the Hell was the point of the PT then?  Why not just give her the exercises and tell her Good Luck.  Oh no.  Instead we spend $300 PER SESSION (that is after my insurance covered a whole $28) for them to tell me, that’s it.  She’s good to go. Yes, it still snaps and grinds and is an issue, but she’s done all the same.  Frustrated?  Oh ho, that is not even close to how I am feeling.  However, I’m glad we are done with the PT.  She has learned some good stretching and strengthening techniques that will be of use to her for the rest of her life.  We met several people that are having way worse issues than we are and it gave us some perspective that maybe we should be joyous in a small way even through her own pain.  Am I happy with the resolution:  No.  Am I happy to have it behind us all the same:  Yes.

Drop Foot – This is another one of those WTH things that I am at a loss as to what to do about it.  The foot is getting better, in that it is no longer asleep or tingly.  She is gaining strength in it, albeit slower than molasses on an icicle, but it is getting better.  She has gone through xrays, where they found nothing, to a movement eliminating boot.  She has gone through no dance for almost 4 weeks (of which I thought was going to kill us both).  She has gone through PT (no, just don’t ask).  She has now gone through an MRI, of which came back perfect and normal and no problems they can see in the spine or the brain stem.  So, now they want to do an EMG.  I kind of want to just say screw it all.  My dancer is going through test after test and pain after pain, and they have no idea what is going on or why.  Yet, it’s getting better, all by itself.  WTH.  I understand that it is the practice of medicine, but can they practice on someone else for a while? 

I have put off the EMG for a few weeks.  If my girl is better by the time the appointment comes up, I’m not having her go through it.  Who wants needles and electricity coursing through their legs if there is not an issue anymore?  I’m lost and don’t know what to do.  Thankfully I have about 3 weeks to wait and see what happens.

Calgon…take me away….


  1. UGH! I'm sorry you've gone through so much for so little. I'm glad you're looking at the positives and she is getting better.

    Pray, pray, pray until that dreaded appointment and let God guide you. *hugs*

  2. Grrrrrr! I'm very sorry the PT wasn't more productive, but I'm very glad it's over. And, yeah, there are always people who have it so much worse... so practice some bunneh zen and add a glass of wine, and count the days 'til spring!

  3. WTH is right. I guess it's good to rule things out, but man... been a hard slog for you both. Keep getting better, Seren. Xx