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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Interior Snapping Hip Syndrome - What the heck is that?

What is on my mind this week?  A lot.  Especially:

Internal Snapping Hip Syndrome

(aka Dancer’s Hip)

So what is this? 

The big worded answer is that it is a condition where you feel ’snapping’ or a grinding sensation in the hip while doing certain activities such as swinging the leg around.  You can actually hear it from the outside as it pops and snaps around in there.  It can be painful and cause discomfort and soreness.  The pain should decrease with rest.  However, the sound is gross, fyi.  

Internal snapping hip is caused by the Lliopsoas Muscle as it snaps around the front part of the pelvis (Iliopectineal eminence). This type of snapping is more likely to produce pain. Nice eh?

What is Cause snapping hip syndrome

There are several things that can cause this Internal snapping.
·                     The most common is the iliopsoas tendon sliding over the iliopectineal eminence, while the hip suddenly moves into extension from a flexed and externally rotated position. 

·                     The tendon may also snap with sudden movements over the anterior inferior iliac spine or the bony ridge on the lesser trochanter.

·                     Less common causes include movement of the iliofemoral ligaments over the femoral head or anterior capsule of the hip.

·                     Or in people terms, if a dancer turns out her leg and lifts it up past 90 decrees, it grinds and snaps and makes me queasy.  Or while doing Fuentes, and many other types of words that I can’t spell for movements that I can’t do. 

Who is most likely at risk of

developing snapping hip syndrome


·                     Ballet dancers DING DING DING…yep.
·                     Gymnasts
·                     Horse riders
·                     Track and field athletes
·                     Soccer players
·                     Excessive weightlifting or running

Snapping hip is mostly seen in the age group of 15 to 40 years.  That’s a big range of ages eh? 


Now that you have the lesson on what it is and who is at risk, why is this on my mind? Because my Seren has it and it is causing her issues lately.

Why did she get it?  The short answer is that she grew too fast for her muscle to keep up.  It’s not due to injury or doing something.  She’s growing.  I can’t stop that.  We just have to learn to correct it.

What can we do? Since there is no way the girl is going to sit on her butt and rest it, she gets to spend hours and money and time doing physical therapy to get that muscle/tendon stretched out enough that it flows correctly in there.

Does anyone else know more about this issue?  Share, advise, tell me!  I have been on google for days now weeding through the big words and dumbing them down for myself.  I’ve seen more photos of pelvis and hips and tendons that I think I may be becoming an expert. 


  1. OMG! Thank you for sharing this info. Now I finally know what the heck is wrong with my hips! Years of pain and concern over this horrible popping noise... Not much help from doctors, practically zero information out there. I fit the categories to a tee (years of horseback riding and weight lifting). Had to stop all of these due to that hip issue. To this day, I still can't do frog squats without terrifying everyone around me with that uncorked champagne bottle sound. I wish I could help you further in finding answers, but I myself got the runaround by docs for many years. If it wasn't for your post, I'd still be in the dark. Again, thank you so much for sharing this info, Courtney.

    1. You are absolutely very welcome. I am so very glad that my post was useful to someone other than myself. You are right though, there is not much information out there. However, there are good results being found with Physical Therapy to help stretch out those muscles for you. I'm sure I will post again on this subject as we wield our way through the morass of the issue and the therapy provided. The sound really is disconcerting isn't it?

    2. Yes, the sound is quite a worry, but it's nothing compared to the dull throbbing pain that accompanies it. I concur with Carrie... Make sure she follows the physiotherapists advice. She's young, she should recover without sequels. Unfortunately for me, I'm afraid the injuries might be permanent due to years of abuse, lack of information, and a Neanderthal attitude that preached "no pain, no gain:. Best of luck.

  2. Seren is young then to get this. Surprised that soccer players are at risk too. Man, that's a lot of long words. I really hope this won't affect her dancing in the future. :( Absolute bummer.

    1. Yes, I was surprised at the age range too. But since she just had a huge growth spurt, I would guess that is the real culprit to this issue and not really age. She will just have to really continue to stretch and work with the exercising they give her. I have been told that since it was caught rather quickly, she should be able to get back to 100% in a few weeks. I'm hoping.