Monday, July 16, 2012

Here I Am

Hello all blog readers!  Where have I been?  You would not believe the two weeks I have had! 

It all started off on June 29, 2012. A lovely summer storm rolled through our area and knocked us flat!  That was quite the drive home.  The wind was so strong I was truly worried about being pushed off the road.  I didn’t care how long it took though I was getting home to my girls.  I pulled up front of the house and see this!

Oiy.  As you can guess, I didn’t know where to park.  I ended up in the front side yard, praying that my car did not end up like my husband’s truck. 

Poor little truck.  What did our truck ever do to you, big stinky tree!  As you can guess, this did not go over greatly with my husband.  Anyway, I get inside and the lights are flickering, and smoking, and popping.  My girls are safe down in the basement, my husband is racing down to the main circuit breaker and off goes the power.  The house is smoky and dark, and immediately humid as all heck.  The firemen are making their rounds.  They see our mess and stop to make sure we are all right.  They tromp through the house, note the smoke, check our circuits, and say to leave the main off until the electric people can come out.  Our power line has been hit by a tree coming down, and has popped partially away from the house.  Great.  So that begins the fun. 

The next day is book release party day.  I can’t shower.  I’m not even sure I can get out of the yard.  Is there power at PJ’s?  We get to work on yard clean up.  Hahahaha.  That’s a joke.  We have 2 people with chainsaws, and me and Seren with a rake and bags, and after 2 ½ hours of work you can not even see much of a difference. Thankfully, PJ’s calls and says they are set for the party.  Yay.  One thing good for the day.  I hit the showers, get dressed and cleaned up as best I can in the dark, and I head off to the party. 

Not a great turn out.  Thanks to the storm so many people couldn’t make it.  I got several calls saying how sorry they were.  They did however, order books, so all in all it wasn’t a waste.  Not as great as I wanted or hoped, but not a waste.  That’s something.

Day 3 begins.  Sunday.  Still no power.  Hot as heck (100+). 
Day 4:  Monday.  Still no power.  Hot as heck. (100+)
Day 5:  Tuesday.  Still no power Hot as heck. (100+)

Day 6:  Wednesday, also known as the 4th of July.  I get up with the intention of going into town for the parade, but I sit up and see that we still do not have power and I just have a complete breakdown.  Thankfully my sweet husband got up and went out to get breakfast and coffee and I was alone during my tears of self-pity.  Then, thank you LORD! Around 3:00 p.m. while we are sweltering away the day, AEP finally comes.  Five minutes later, the power if fixed, and they are gone.  FIVE MINUTES!  That’s all it took!  Freaking 5 minutes!  We go through the house to see what has died in the power surge.  We only lost a few light bulbs, a clock radio, and the netflix refuses to reconnect to our blueray.  Not sure what that is all about, but all in all not to shabby.  Cable is out, and internet is out.

Day 7-10:  Still no cable.  Still no internet.  This is even after 2 phone calls, an in home appointment and 2 additional phone calls.  I had to get snarky on the phone for them to finally get the problem fixed.  So Tuesday, July 10th, in the evening, was when we were finally back to normal. 

I wont say how much food had to be tossed, how much patience was tested, and how many tempers were lost during this period.  All I can say is thank GOD we are finally back to normal as I truly don’t think I could have taken much more. 

On the good side, Seren’s softball team won their first game, and their tournament game to end the season in 3rd place (Out of 5).  Congrat’s Orange Crush, it was quite the intense season. 

As for writing, without any power or internet, I didn’t get crap done in the way of writing.  I am finally back to it and making headway, but am so far behind.  So if you haven’t seen me at your blog lately this is why.  I hope to play catch up today and tomorrow. Then I have promos to do and then finally it’s back to my current WIP:  Angels Fall.  Yay. 

See ya next week.


  1. Wow, Courtney, sounds like quite an ordeal. Was there much damage to your husbands truck? Yikes! Those are some pictures. It's a bummer that the storm put such a damper on your book release party. But I'm glad things are finally back to normal for you and most importantly, EVERYONE IS SAFE!

    1. Sadly the baby squirrels that lived in that tree, I haven't seen lately. I hope they made it through all right.

      As for the truck, yeah. It's totaled. Just what we needed...a new expense. ...yay...


  2. Courtney,

    Welcome to my world down here in hurricane land! Actually, I'm sorry your last few weeks were so horrible. It's definitely no fun being without power that's for sure. And I hate that your husbands truck got smashed! Poor thing. I'm just glad everyone is safe and your life is back to normal. Whew... you made it!

    1. No thanks. I can do without the hurricanes. What a mess they leave behind. How do you handle it? Just yuck.

      Whew is right. Glad that is over to be sure.

  3. Wow! What a tree! Your poor husband and his truck. I know exactly how you felt. We lost power for 10 days during last year's hurricane. I had a few meltdowns during that time.
    Glad nobody was hurt, and that things are back to normal. Whatever normal is...{Hug}

  4. I wouldn't mind the tree quite so much but it took down my lovely pink crab-apple tree as well. No more pretty pink tree in the spring. I'm quite bummed over that.

    10 days! Oiy. No thanks. Glad to be as normal as I can anyway.


  5. I've only ever gone three days in a brown out and that was bad enough. Hubby saw the truck smushed under the tree and said "Oh no, it's a Toyota Tundra. That's a shame". LOL. It couldn't just have crashed a little to the left or right, eh. Bugger. I can only imagine how much you guys were tested during all that. Just horrible. But you're all safe and sound and that's the main thing, and you live to write another day!

    And can I say, best sports team name ever that you came up with! :)

  6. Wow. Hurricaine. That thing that happened to the truck there happened to my car also, right after I'd cancelled my coverage because I was moving out of country. :(