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Monday, June 4, 2012

Tag! You're it....er...I'm it.

So.  I have been tagged.  But it’s a fun tag so, I decided I would play along.  I’m quirky like that.  Okay, so, onward with the game of Q&A Tag. Thank you Carrie.  No worries I have gotten you a time or two, so I guess it was just payback time eh?

You have to make up 11 questions when you pass this on, so here are the questions of Carrie (it even has a theme!): 

Theme: Would you rather (and please explain ‘why’, if you can):
1.                  Be 20-feet tall OR 1-foot tall?

I vacillated back and forth and back and forth on this one.  I thought I would want to be big, but then I would squish all that was important to me and then most likely unintentionally hurt the others that I wanted to pet.  So, I have decided that being 1 foot tall wouldn’t’ be too bad.  Heck, I’ve been that once before in my life, and I obviously lived through it.  Plus I think the perspective from that size would be fun. 

2.                  Lose your marbles OR both feet?

I say loose my marbles.  I wouldn’t be bothered by it as I wouldn’t realize I had lost them.  Yes it would be harder on my family and friends, but you know, sometimes it is all about ME. 

3.                  Get trapped on a tiny, deserted island for infinity with Steven Seagal OR Mickey Mouse?

Lord, neither is a good options here.  I guess Mickey Mouse, as at least I could grab the little buggar and stuff him in a tree to shut him up, whereas Steven Seagal could kick my butt before I even had a plan of attack in action. 

4.                  Have a head shaped like a Chihuahua OR a giant raisin?

The mental pictures I have of this are interesting.  A giant raisin.  I could try to cover up the wrinkles and such with a good hair style. 

5.                  Have the ability to leap over tall buildings OR walk on water?

Leap over buildings!  This would be close to flying and who doesn’t want to fly.  Plus I wouldn’t’ want to get compared to another water walker that I know of.  It just doesn’t do any good to try to compete with some people, ya know?
Start your life over with what you know now OR move to a hospitable intergalactic planet with peaceful aliens?
Start over with what I now know.  Most of the things I wouldn’t change, but some mistakes and oopsies I could do without. 

6.                  Eat peanut-butter and crispy-cooked cricket sandwiches OR strawberry ice-cream sprinkled with squirming maggots?

Crispy cooked cricket sandwiches.  They are at least dead and not wiggling around.  Barf!

7.                  Turn invisible for one, solid year OR grow clown feet every day at noon, for 30 minutes, for the rest of your life?

Thirty minutes of silly fun would be worth it.  I don’t want to miss a year in my life being invisible.  I love the idea of invisibility but not for a period of time like that.

8.                  Share a tent for the night with Dracula OR a tarantula spider?
Yee!  Tarantula.  I know you are all very surprised right?  Well I figure I could move around the tent for a night and keep away from a spider, but I don’t think I am strong enough to hold off a bloodsucker for an entire night.  I’ll take my chances with the bug.

9.                  Travel back in time Dr Who style to the Jurassic (T-Rex eatin’) period OR travel forward 100 years?

Backwards baby!  I don’t want to be around for the future.  It looks rather dim.  I’ll take my chances with the dinos.  I can run and hide from that type of destruction.  Not sure I can run fast enough or hide well enough for the future of the world right now. 

10.             Have webbed hands and feet OR an extra eye on your forehead?

Webbed hands and feet.  Can you imagine how fast of a swimmer you would be.  Awesome! 

So I had to come up with my own 11 questions pass on.  I also chose the theme “Would you Rather” as it was a fun and entertaining idea.  Here you go tagg’ees.  You have to give the “why” to your answers too, otherwise it’s not as fun. 

1.                  Would you rather meet Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny?
2.                  Be bitten to death by a mosquito or a snake?
3.                  Be too fat or too skinny?
4.                  Be too smart or too dumb?
5.                  Have 10 girls or 10 boys as children.  Not all at once just total. 
6.                  Be put in the foster system or live with a drug-addicted parent (this does not mean abusive)?
7.                  Live on an island or in the mountains.  Either place having few if any inhabitants.
8.                  Die in a plane crash or by sinking of boat?
9.                  Lose all your teeth or lose your eyesight.
10.             Have a jaguar or a wolf (not a hybrid) as a pet.
11.             Live forever or live until only 25.  You think this is easy?  This is really a question of die before all your loved ones or watch all your loved ones die.  See?  Not so easy is it?

There you have it everyone.  Post the link to your responses in a comment or just in a comment itself.  Either is fine with me. 

Taggee’s are as follow:

Have a great week!


  1. Thanks Courtney! Haha Love the raisin answer. :D

    1. You are welcome! Can't wait to see your answers.


  2. Hahahahahahahahhahaa! Too funny. Yeah, the raisin with a good hair-do makes for quite the image. Also, you trying to keep out of the tarantula's way makes me giggle. Very creative. Oooh, we could be 1-foot tall together. And I like your continuation of the oddball theme... A mosquito? Hahhaahahaha!

    1. I suppose you are allowed to giggle esp. knowing my real aversion to spiders in general. One foot tall I could do...1 inch would be a hardship I think. Ha!


  3. Ha ha, loved your marbles answer. If you lost your marbles, completely not just sort of like present (LOL), think of all the dark crazy stories you could write!!

    Thanks for the tag. I'll try to get mine done for my Thurs. blog.

    1. There are days that yes, the marbles are scattered all around, but not as many as it may appear. Hahahahaha.


  4. Thanks for tagging me, Courtney. Go to my blog and see my answers!

    1. That was quick! Thanks for playing along.


  5. Wow, those are some crazy questions!! You did a great job answering them, though ;)

    1. I like the crazy ones. They are fun to think about and wonder, how would I really react or feel or what would I do. It was entertaining to say the lease.