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Monday, April 30, 2012

Paranormal Romance Anyone?

What is paranormal romance (p/r)?  Well, mainly it’s defined as a sub-genre to romance.  But what does that really mean?  What is it really?  Isn’t there enough real love in the word?  The answer to that question is…sorta.  A great love story has it all:  love, passion…sex.  A great paranormal love story has all that, plus a sexy vampire or a hot werewolf thrown into the mix. 

Why?  Why is that so exciting?  Because it’s different, it’s thrilling.  It’s better than what real life can toss our way.  To, all of you out there saying, no, I respond with, Oh yes, it is.  Real love in real life is the best there is?  I don’t entirely agree.  Sometimes love is painful.  Love is hard.  Love is….kinda plain.  Paranormal love stories are fantasy, a mix of love and mystery and thriller all wrapped up into one read. 

Why do we love these stories so much?  Let’s face it, the sales of paranormal romance have really risen over the years.  Can we blame Twilight or the Vampire Diaries?  It depends on who you ask.  One thing about this genre is you either love it or you really hate it.  Paranormal romance novels used to be a rare and fun find.  Now you can find several titles along the shelves at any given time.  More and more authors are coming out with a paranormal series.  It’s wonderful for us die hard p/r readers.

My personal thinking of why they are so popular is that the love or romance in paranormal fiction overcomes everything, whether it’s one human and one vampire, or a werewolf, or fairy or mer-person or ghost.  Or the love is separated by time.  What about the gods and goddesses or angels and demons.  The superhuman being, loves the normal, plain, regular human against all odds and it is a stronger, fiercer, more pure love than anything else you could find on earth.  That is the draw.  That is why people are flocking to it. They want to believe in that kind of love.  Not the dish washing, kid feeding, money constrained love of the real world. 

Me, I am a fan of p/r.  I hope this genre sticks around for a good long while.  I can’t wait to see what happens next. 


  1. Wonderful post. I think I had forgotten the attraction until your Shadow series (too bogged down in all those things you describe, and got more into realistic nitty-gritty fiction), but it definitely holds appeal. Romance as a genre on its own doesn't interest me at all, but mixed with the paranormal, makes it worthwhile. As long as the story is "meaty". 'Cause I like a good bite. ;)

  2. Paranormal romance is also fun. :-) I know I love writing and reading it.

  3. I love Paranormal romance! I hope it sticks around too.

  4. I loved the twilight books but I'm not sure if I've read any other paranormal romance. Right now I'm into contemporary YA.

  5. I love paranormal romance! It's so much fun to combine the paranormal with the romance. It's a little added something that makes the story even better--in my opinion. :)

  6. Well I must say I wasnt really a big fan on p/r until I started reading Twighlight and then of course your own book, Shadow Dancer. Now I'm a big fan and agree that they are more exciting because they mix a little fantasy into the picture. And who doesn't like to dream!