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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey Santa.....hey Santa!

Yeeee!  It’s the count down to Christmas week!  I’m so excited.  I have the decorations done the packages purchased and almost completely wrapped.  The cookies and bread are baked and the house is spic-an-span.  I am so ready for the big red suited man to come and visit me.  Yes, I said me. 

I know, I know, I have children now and that means he isn’t suppose to come and visit me anymore, but he makes a special exception for me.  So what is on me list you ask?

1.         H&D Gummy Bears of course!  I can’t find them.  It’s depressing as all hell.  You can’t buy them on line anymore and a lot, a LOT of the brick and mortar stores, don’t carry them anymore.  What am I going to do!  Well I’m asking Santa to bring me a few bags or ten.  If the big man can’t do it, who can?

2.         Chance perfume by Channel.  Yes, I have expensive taste when it comes to perfume.  Usually I request Love’s Baby Soft, but I got a free sample of the Chance last February and I LOVE it.  I made that tiny little tester last six months.  Maybe more.  So it’s definitely on my list. 

3.         Uggs.  Yes.  I want a new pair of brown moccasins.  I NEED them.  Must have them.  Actually it’s not really me.  It’s my feet.  See my feet don’t like to be cold.  They are threatening to go on strike if I don’t take care of the cold problem.  So as you can see, it’s a must have.

4.         Zumba for the WII.  You can only do so much YOGA, I want something fun and new this year to get me through the cabin-fever of the winter.  Plus a great way to burn off all the winter comfort food I tend to ingest during the months of January, February, and March. 

5.         New pots and pans.  I have had the same ole cheap pans for years now.  I want to get rid of all the old crap and buy something nice and new.  I promise I will goodwill all the other stuff. I wont keep any of it or stash it away “just in case”.  When browning hamburger sticks to the pan, you know its time for new. 

That’s all.  See my list really isn’t all that oppressive. Come on Santa, I have been really really good this year.  I have.  I promise!  You can ask my mom…er maybe not.  Ask my husband…no don’t ask him either.  Just take my work for it.  I have been ACE this whole year. 

What’s on your lists this year people?  Come on, share….



  1. Somehow I knew those gummy bears would be on your list. My list is just about all books. Go figure! I hope Santa is good to you, Courtney.

  2. I knew gummy bears would be at the top of your list too. Don't understand why but hey, we all have our addictions! On my list is a new black strapped watch, a couple of calendars, a camera that has good zoom and easy upload, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, did I mention jewelry, and I've completely forgotten what else!
    Hope Santa is good to you!

  3. I'm like Kelly, boring. Just books. Books. And MORE books! But they're what I like best, they're relatively inexpensive (as long as you stay away from the out-of-print ones!) and one can NEVER have too many books.

    CDs are fun, too.

  4. Courtney, I tried Googling those gummy bears for you. Nothing yet. I'll let you know if I find them.

  5. Thanks for trying Kelly! I have been on the hunt as well. Its a sad day in the H&D land.


  6. Cat - I stopped asking for books the year I got my kindle. I figured that just came with a lifetime account of any book that I wanted....right at my fingertips. Ha!

  7. LOL Courtney! You are too funny. I have a list, too... ; )

  8. Haha! Very funny post. :D
    I hope you get all you want and more.

    P.S. I think every married couple should get a bridal shower every 10 years. I could use new pots, myself.