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Monday, January 10, 2011

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Its tax season as we all are very aware, I'm sure.  I gathered up all my income and all my expenses that were writing oriented for the last year and now the question of the day is:  Was it worth it?  But then, that leads to another more real question.  What was I actually writing for? 

Some people write because they have dreams of being famous and rich and all that goes with it.  Me?  I do not want to be famous, and yet...I do want my name "Courtney Rene" to be known.  Such as, "Did you see the new Courtney Rene book comes out on the 8th?  I dont want to be afraid to leave my house for fear of being bombarded by strangers, fans though they may be.  So fame..no thanks.  Riches, oh yes I could use that.  Couldn't we all.  The dreams I have had of what I would do if I only had to be a writer, ahhhh that would be just lovely.  I dont think I would know exactly what to do with myself if I could just sit down all day and write.  If only.....but I dont actually write for the money, although it is a nice perk and a good excuse to hit the shoe store or Harry and David.

Some people write for the love of writing.  Yes I can see that too.  I love dropping into a story and working my way out of the problems that I have set for the MC, or creating new worlds, or dare I say it...falling in love.  But after I have created my masterpiece, the true joy for me is having someone else read it and like it or hopefully fall in love with it and demand more.  So its not just for the love of writing either for me.

I would say in the end, I simply love to write.  I love the fantasy, the stories, the what-if of it all.  I want others to enjoy what I have fought to create, and in the end, I want to be paid for it so that I can write more and maybe in the future have writing be my JOB and not just my part-time hobby. 

How much is my time worth?  I guess the real answer is, I dont really know.  It wasn't worth much this past year in terms of money.  But in terms of accomplishments and joy, now that's another story entirely. 

What are you writing for?


  1. Hi Courtney, Thanks for sharing such an interesting story on your writing and is it worth the effort on writing! You mentioned some very good points as to writing. I enjoyed reading your blogs. I also write just to share my story with others to read. Most important I will be following your blogs. Stop on by at my Blog Desperate Lands when you get a chance.

    Regulo Zapata Jr.
    Author of Desperate Lands

  2. I feel much the same about my writing.

    I don't care if my books make it huge. I just love to write. I will be content with a published, well-read, well-loved paperback that makes a lasting impression on at least one person.

    Here's to hoping.

    - Lauren

  3. I am writing because I want to know I accomplished something! And I want to see a little child smile when he reads my words and looks at the illustrations. I'm in love with cute picture books so I'm just dying to see my name on one.
    But the main reason I'm writing is... it's a blast coming up with the stories. Writing them, editing them and hearing those awesome words, "I'd like to publish your story! That's a rush to me that only us writers can understand. And when I hear those words, everything I had to go through feels definitely worth it.

  4. It is nice to see that I am not the only one that enjoys writing just to write. Thanks for the input and the kind words.


  5. I love that all I used to need as a kid to write was a pencil and paper... then a typewriter and paper... then a computer (and paper at some point). If you had no toys at all, you could always create something with your imagination. There are no rules or predetermined faulty mindsets to contend with there. As an adult, I write for the same reason, except now I understand the hypocrisy of it all. It's better to write than to whack yourself in the head with a cast iron skillet.

    Thanks for helping me answer that question, Courtney. Can I quote myself? *grin*

  6. I write because if I don't, all the different scenes and characters jam up my brain. Almost everything I see and hear is a scene in a story. When I pick up a pencil the lead is energized by my hand and becomes liquid, spilling out onto the paper. When the smoke clears, I have a scene in a future story.
    I never thought about how much my time is worth but I'd probably have to say that every moment of every day is priceless.

  7. The dramas I've written have all involved music and an idea. Hand in hand, they merged and formed almost of their own accord while I watched. Four productions/Dramas. I struggled through the sometimes nightmarish process (mostly with my on $ and time). I abandoned plays/dramas because I could not trust others to handle my vision with the same care as I did. Cast of 30, of whom you can count on one hand the number who truly give a shit. (sorry for the language)
    I started my first book a year and a half ago, falling into the story like a man jumping off a cliff. I simply needed to write and so I did. A low point in my life. My book turned into a series. So far I've wrote four books in the series as the story carried me further and further along and I simply.. let it take me. I'm just about ready to send book one out for a final polish and some prof editing before I go to publish. If I make money with it, good, but more than anything I want people to read it and enjoy it. Give these people that I love a life that's large than me.