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Monday, February 15, 2016

Surviving the Winter Blues

Winter makes me sad.  When the sun is out, even when it’s cold and frosty, I do really well.  I feel good and happy and motivated, but lately it’s been gray and gray and gray, along with the cold and frosty and icy. 

I try to beat the lows and stay positive.  First, I read.  Nothing can transport you out of the gloom and cold like a good book.  I tend to read a lot more in the winter as I don’t go anywhere, and I don’t do much of anything as I refuse to go outside in the cold.  I have loads of time to plop into a book.  I am not a huge TV person.  So this works well for me.

Second, although I am not a huge TV person there are a few things that I will watch.  I have very recently found the Outlander series on Starz.  I have read a lot of the books in the series.  I think I still have one or two more to go, but they are long, long reads, and I like to enjoy them, therefore, I tend to put them on hold until I have a nice long break between projects to drift into them.  Anyway, they have started a series on Starz based from these books.  They have found great actors to portray the characters and the show is wonderful.  It’s an adventure and a love story all in one.  Such a great find.  If you have read the books or even know of the series, I recommend it.  However, be prepared as there is a spot of nudity now and then. If you have little eyes at home, I would watch it after they are in bed or out of the house.  Just to be safe.  After watching the Game of Thrones, and being shocked out of my knickers with some of the adult aspects, I’m wary of premium channels and the series they put out.  If it says MA, it really is MA.  FYI. 

Thirdly, I am editing.  Although I hate to edit, it does get my mind off how much I hate the snow and cold and onto how much I hate to edit.  Ha!  I am through the big harsh edit of my horror story.  I know. I am thrilled too!  Now I just need to review it and give it one more good read, and then I will have to figure out what to do with it.  I have another story already written that I need to do that big edit on as well, which I will move onto as soon as I finish the horror.  I’m actually working. 

So you see, the winter although I am not a fan, is good for some things.  How do you pass the winter months?  Do you enjoy the snow?  I don’t understand this myself, but I have heard of people that love the season.  Obviously, I am not one of them.

Have a great week everyone.  I will be dreaming of spring.  It’s almost here.   


  1. I am totally with you on not wanting to go outside when it is cold out. I'm not really a winter sports kinda person.

  2. I saw pink blossoms on some smaller trees in Nanaimo on Saturday--shocking! Snow is great...for a day.

  3. Well if it makes you feel any better, your sadness will go away in a couple of months and mine will return! So glad you're working so hard on edits for your horror story. I'm getting more anxious to read it by the minute!