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Monday, April 28, 2014

I Miss the Sun

Spring.  It’s not my favorite season, but it’s at least in the top two.  Fall makes me melancholy, as I know winter is coming. It’s right over the horizon. It’s so close I can feel it in the air.  So, because of that, I can’t enjoy the colors or the changing seasons, as the future of snow and ice tarnishes the beauty of autumn. 

This winter was so long I am definitely in the mood for spring.  Here in my neck of the woods, most winters actually hit around the middle of December sometimes we get our first real snow right around Christmas.  Not this year.  We got hit with the first snow the beginning of November and it didn’t let up for a minute.  We still had a dump of snow hit us last week.  So when I say it was a long and hard winter, I’m not joking. 

I am one of those seasonal sad people.  The sun goes away, hidden behind dark and grey clouds for months and months and I get lower and lower and lower until I simply can hardly stand the days.  How do I combat this winter blue mood?  I make (force, by sheer will alone) myself to go outside for a walk when the sun breaks through in its rare moments.  Whether it’s cold as heck or not, I do it.  The feeling of the light, so bright against the white of winter, helps.  I don’t get outside enough though.  There simply are not enough sunny bright days in winter for my liking.  The bright orange yellow orb seems so far away and I begin to think it will never shine warm on my face again, and then…suddenly, there it is.  I trek out into the world ensconced in my boots and my coat, gloves, scarves, and hat and I tromp through the white winter land of snow and ice.  My breath making puffs before me as I walk.  My nose running and my lungs cold I forge onward.   

Now, spring is here and it’s all dark and gloomy and rain and rain and rain.  I know it brings forth flowers and new life, but I really could use a bit of warm sunshine.  I want to bask in the rays as I lay in the bright new and green grasses.  I want to run my hands through the purple field of violets in my back, way back yard.  Come on seasons, give me a break.  I’m dying here.  One more day and hopefully there will be a break in the rain. 

Do you suffer your way through winter?  Do you wait anxiously for the scorching hot, dog days of summer like I do?  I don’t complain about being too hot or sweaty.  Give me the hot warmth of summer over the cold wet and dreary days of fall, winter, and spring any day.  


  1. Dreary days make me sad too. I'm sooooo ready for some sunshine! It's another gloomy, drizzly day here today and I find it very depressing. I spend all winter waiting for summer and then when the nice weather arrives, so do the tourists and then all the crazy traffic gives me something else to be grouchy about ;)

    1. Traffic also tends to get me down, thankfully I live out in the country where the traffic does not consume me. HOWEVER, the bicyclist are really starting to tick me off. I think I just found a new blog to write about...

  2. I hope streaks of sunshine find their way to your side soon, Courtney.

    1. Thanks Claudine! It looks like maybe, just maybe Wednesday will be the day of sun for us this week.