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Monday, February 18, 2013

Safe Haven Replayed

So you know that movie, Safe Haven?  The one made from a book by N. Sparks?  Well, I wanted to see the movie, but I have this thing about reading the books before seeing the movies.  It’s just one of those things I do.  So anyway, I kindle’d the book this weekend and dug right in.  Good story, nice writing, but it seems vaguely familiar. 

Woman runs away from home due to an abusive husband.  Everything was wonderful, then the honeymoon happened and all went to hell.  She runs and starts a new life with no money, no prospects, etc., etc.  Woman meets new guy….they fall in love.  Husband finds wife, if he can’t have her no one will. 

So what does this story remind you off?  Here I’ll give you a hint….

(I loved this movie by the way.)

So, being a writer, this brings me to the point of my blog – when are similarities more than just similarities and bordering on copying.  Now I have not completed my read of the book, Safe Haven, so maybe it will veer a bit, but at this point, if I were to outline it, it would have the same basic outline as Sleeping with the Enemy.  Just add in two children instead of the aging mother and voila, match made in literary heaven.  I have to say, as a fan of N. Sparks, I am a bit disappointed in this read. 

Any thoughts?  Have you had this happen to you before?  What do you think of story lines that run the same paths?

P.S. - Haven't seen the movie yet.  Not sure if I will or not at this point.  I can just pop in the VHS of Julia Roberts and be happy.  


  1. Well, you know how they say that there are no new stories, just retellings. I haven't read Safe Haven, but I'm really hoping you update this post and tell us that there is a twist you hadn't expected.
    I have faith. (BTW, I LOVE Sleeping with the Enemy too!)

  2. You read my mind and that's exactly why I marked Safe Haven off my list of movies to go see. It sounds exactly like Sleeping with the Enemy and a few Lifetime Movies I've already seen. I do love Nicholas Sparks books though so I'm with Denise... please update us whether or not there are any interesting twists to the story, however they'd have to be pretty big for me to read something so similar to many other stories out there.